I know eating is most likely your biggest struggle when it comes to your health. Why do I know this? Because it's everyone's biggest struggle. You are not alone. What I have found is having a plan to follow helps but also knowing you can enjoy your food is really big. Food is your friend and you can love this journey.


Start simple. In my meal guides, you will see it has been stripped of everything and made into a really simple IDEA of eating instead of telling you exactly what to eat. Everyone is different. So starting with the idea behind a lifestyle program is dipping your big toe in to the concept of gaining control of what and when to eat. This is designed to be a journey and educational into your relationship with food. 


Shopping. Below you will find a basic shopping list of how to accomplish the plans. You will see and learn the idea behind what to eat and then you can start to add similar items or ingredients (So you can know what you are eating even if its not the exact item). I think you will figure this out really quick. Just be aware of what you are buying and DO NOT bring garbage into your house. That is reserved for parties and hiding in the parking lot or garage to keep from sharing with your kids and family. :)


The big meal (typically dinner but whatever meal you want this to fall on). You will notice throughout my meal guide blog that I have categorized recipes by meal and by type of diet. Refer to the meal plans and plug some of my meal ideas into those categories. After you get the basic idea of what these meal plans are, recipes, etc., you can obviously eat from your own recipes that are similar. Again, this is a journey, an experience, and an educational process. You will learn how to control your relationship with food and also learn to love eating AND feel good in your own skin.



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