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What we put in... exactly what we will experience each and every day. Just like nutrition for the body, if we put junk into our mind (or nothing at all) our minds will be sick, unhealthy, or simply starve. This is when everything and everyone suffers.

We can have all the money in the world, be uber successful, be physically fit & healthy, have a beautiful family, our dream home, dream career, and so on. None of this will offer us happiness if our internal game is suffering. Real, raw, natural lasting happiness comes from the inside. This page is designed to offer you tools and tips on simple daily habits that can transform your life when nothing else can, is, or ever will. Abundant JOY is only a few steps away.

Below you will find all my fav life altering, mind morphing, demon slaying, ninja training (audio)books, podcasts, & media I have accumulated over the years. A FEAST for your most powerful organ. Real change occurs here. Cheers!

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